Singer. Speaker. Change Maker.

Namarah is on a mission to connect to the heart, mind and soul.

Namarah is a Philadelphia-born artist exploring the connections of social exchange through performance and art. She is a singer-songwriter and gamer enthusiast who enjoys spontaneity and adventure. Namarah shares her interpretation of universal ideas in her music and examines its intersections with society.

From an early age, Namarah found tremendous interest in the metaphorical and creative approaches to the art of storytelling. Theatre, poetry, dance, and visual media impacted her in such a way that she desired to find a way to thread these influences together.

Embracing the challenge and freedom of creating without limits and writing her own rules, Namarah named her art form Doc-Soul in which she allows and encourages the use of any medium possible to document the inner workings of our heart, mind, and experiences.

Namarah infuses various influences to create her message. Her soulful voice and intricate melodies are like a breath of fresh air, producing a musical brew of rhythms and tunes that take you on a transformational journey. She is an activist and community change-maker, believing that anyone can impact the world if they are willing to make unique partnerships to reimagine the world through music, the arts and any other medium – in Namarah’s world, it’s about the human connections we form that make life worth living.

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